SOM SPÖN 4.5- 12.8 2017
Galerie Forsblom Stockholm

Photographer: Galerie Forsblom. Per-Erik Adamsson
© Jenny Carlsson Bus

"Jenny Carlsson’s paintings move in an underwood. They describe a dense vegetation where rapid and fiery – but meticulously placed – brushstrokes form twigs, tufts and thickets. With intuition and composition she uses a swarm of picturesque events to construct a dissolved order. Balance and rhythm there encounter contrarieties and crosscurrents.

The paintings’ sprawling lines of colour form glimmering veins barely perceptible in the earthy darkness. We find ourselves close to the ground, close to the roots. The signs of nature are strongly imprinted in the paintings. As an experience. The thick saturated colours drip of cool dampness but also of steamy fertile soil.

The paintings are earthy but at once heavenly. They appear as cut-outs from a larger terrain where the restricted views also include an eternity. The paintings alternately describe matter and air, space and dust. Side by side with the dim darkness – where varied shades of brown, yellow, black and greyish blue descend as a pattern of camouflage – lie shimmering, beautifully lit fragments.

Maybe light flows out of darkness? Now and again bright streaks eat through the dark, like filled with a sweeping and ethereal substance. The paintings are characterized by an inquisitive belief in painting as a medium. Jenny Carlsson trusts in their capacity to also accommodate emotional layers. Her paintings describe a condition as much as a place."
Text Magnus Bons 2017

Skred 1 2017 oil on linen 241x120cmSkred 1 2017 oil on linen 241x120cm   Skred 2 2017 oil on linen 241x120cmSkred 2 2017 oil on linen 241x120cm   Nattviol 2017 oil on linen 185x220Nattviol 2017 oil on linen 185x220   Spön 2017 oil on cotton 185x220Spön 2017 oil on cotton 185x220   Slåtter 2017 oil on cotton 160x180Slåtter 2017 oil on cotton 160x180   Dagg 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cmDagg 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cm   Ur 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cmUr 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cm   Sjön 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cmSjön 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cm   Svavel 2017 oil on cotton 72x72 cmSvavel 2017 oil on cotton 72x72 cm   Hö 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cmHö 2017 oil on linen 60x72 cm   Utan dig(svala)2017 oil linen 62x72Utan dig(svala)2017 oil linen 62x72   Jord/Himmel II 2017 oilonlinen30x30Jord/Himmel II 2017 oilonlinen30x30   Jord/Himmel 2017 oil on linen 30x30Jord/Himmel 2017 oil on linen 30x30   Jord/Himmel I 2017 oilonlinen 30x30Jord/Himmel I 2017 oilonlinen 30x30