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Stormöga, Anna Bohman Gallery Stockholm

11.11 - 12.12 2021
Photographer: Per-Erik Adamsson

Jenny Carlsson’s powerful paintings take place in a nature that demands sensitivity. In the borderlands between the cultivated and the wild, painting picks its own paths. It builds the language, follows the trembling of the soil and detects the voice of the wind. The movement into the place, into the colour, is done with forceful tools and finely atuned instruments; brushes, scrapers, spatulas, fingertips and palms. The elements converge in the painting practice where the colour is in itself nature, a base matter that builds walls, runs in the ditches and claws towards the skies.

The walk goes into the eye of the storm, where the challenge is the greatest but the wind is still. In the midst of events new opportunities arise as rules and casualities disintegrate and is put together anew. Enormous energies roam around the center, ungraspable in their vastness but here in the middle made clear, ready to follow and act upon. It is an active place both scary and beautiful. Carlsson tames it by staying put, builds its body with earthy hands and takes a step back with every brushstroke, opens the windscreens and throws herself out and follows the storm and the song of the fey to its origin.

In recent years the painting practice has moved out into the landscape that it draws upon and has by effect become more raw and direct, without a translating filter the work now resides at the center of events, in the eye of the storm.